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Wildlife Control, Removal and Trapping Services Sarasota Bradenton


Pest Proofing

We will locate, seal and repair all structure defects on your home. Having all areas that we deem a "Red Zone" sealed will prevent rodent and other wildlife from infesting your home or business.

Wildlife Trapping

We trap for all types of wildlife, rats/mice, squirrels, raccoons, opossum, armadillo, etc.


We have an enzyme treatment that we will apply throughout your attic insulation and also areas that have been contaminated throughout your living area.

Feces Cleanup

We will come into your home or business and safely clean up droppings left behind by rodents/wildlife throughout your attic and other areas around your home or business.

Dead Animal Removal

We will come out to your home or business and locate the dead animal and spray an enzyme on the contaminated area. Having a dead rodent smell can lead to more then just a bad smell, it can also cause sever migraines, etc. Let us come out and safely remove the recently deceased animal.

Home Inspection

Let us come out and inspect your home before you buy or sell. All inspections are free and can give you peace of mind before making a large transaction that the "Home Inspector" might over look.

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